Some Feedback from Happy Clients!

'A very valuable, truly memorable event and a great focal point for our 2-day annual ‘off-site’ meeting. '

Context: Alvarez and Marsal’s Corporate Team comprises results oriented operators and advisors with a track record of successful business transformation and performance improvement. Our delivery focus is a great strength but we often miss clear, non-factual, non-verbal, visual and behavioural signs that would help us understand situations better and calibrate our response in ways that would reduce risk and deliver better outcomes.

This was the background and reason for commissioning the Masterclass. As leader of this business, my aim was to get my very talented team to use more of their antennae to read situations and find different ways of engaging with the client executives and staff they are setting out to help. In particular, I wanted us to explore and engage the leadership team around how we might equip ourselves with a more powerful visual vocabulary.

Experience of the Masterclass:
Because of the experience generally short span of attention of the 80 or so members of the team who participated we were concerned about the risk of not fully capturing their attention and engagement in the early minutes.

We did not have to worry. We worked with Perienne and her team to plan a lead into the exercises that engaged the members of the team early on. Thereafter, we all became very engaged in the collaborative exercises and achieved a very high level of energy in the room. It was great fun, people learnt a lot more about each other and there were some interesting learnings, some quite unexpected. It was not a surprise that the need for a much stronger visual vocabulary in our business were reinforced and we will take action on this.

Less expected was what we learned from a behavioural perspective. As we explored and built on each other’s work, the reluctance to disrupt the work of those we were working most closely with mirrored the risks objectivity in a professional environment. This reinforced the need for independent quality reviews of all major client deliverables.

In conclusion:
We met for dinner afterwards as a team and much of the conversation was about the Masterclass. The feedback was consistently positive with strong feelings that we had learned some important lessons that we should build on. Overall, a very valuable truly memorable event and a great focal point for our 2-day annual ‘off-site’ meeting.

Lawrence Hutter, Managing Director, Head of Corporate Performance Improvement, Alvarez & Marsal Corporate Performance Improvement LL

Amazing session which delivered some unique insights into the work of our team and individual people’s perspectives. It highlighted how close, loyal and supportive people are and how committed they are to our success. It would have been impossible to have done this through words in a traditional session - A peaceful calm and restorative experience which I would highly recommend.

Sarah Eaton, Head of Policy and Research, Derbyshire

As a self-confessed self-constrained art phobe and uncreative person, I found the masterclass really enjoyable and learnt a lot about myself and the team. As a public sector worker I rarely, if ever take myself into this realm and after this masterclass will be open to it more frequently.

Robert Lowe, Senior Policy Officer

Fantastic session, thank you. We can be a bit stuffy and structured in our thought and struggle to express ideas in a creative, positively disruptive and innovative way. Sessions like this help inspire and challenge us in a team environment, that will ultimately benefit our clients.

Gareth Cummins, Director Business & Technology

The two hours of the masterclass flew by! It was awesome. The series of art based exercises allowed everyone in the room to connect to a very personal, calm and creative space and to work both alone and in collaboration to unpick the complexities of the work alongside the teams’ strengths and weaknesses. Everyone could easily participate, it was brilliantly designed and delivered. No need to be an artist! By the end of the session you will realise your inner creativity and the different and helpful insights this can reveal. Thank you!

Becky Lomas, Principal Policy Officer

The masterclass was fun, creative and spontaneous. This is a wonderful way to inspire and motivate teams and individuals. It’s so hard sometimes, to break from from the chains of logical, analytical thinking in business. Activities like this really help us to activate the other side of your brain, which we sometimes forget to engage with. But when trying to find new solutions to old problems, it is so important to do so.

Kristel Valaydon, Director, PR & Marketing Agency.

Thank you, this was a great way to communicate and think differently. I enjoyed having the space to be creative and reflective and to develop conceptual thoughts through art thinking. The unconventional exercises gave us valuable insights into different perspectives of what we do and how we do it.

James Mc Donnell, Senior Policy Officer

Thanks for this inspiring session. It was fun to experience a new way to discover creativity and to apply it to a business context.

Florian Thurmann, Director of Transformation, Alvarez and Marsal

A great way to bring diverse minds together, helping us to be open and think outside the box. A big thanks to the team for always asking the right questions!

Thomas Meyers Dethleys, Director

Fun and inspirational session for our team, thank you!

Grimm Beutrial, Diretor

This session helped me to question the barriers I face to the creative process. I realised these barriers aren’t quite what I perceived them to be previously and discovered and openness that I thought I’d lost. I found several moments of flow, during which I experienced deep meditation and gentle revelations. The subtle collaboration with other participants were wonderful to witness as well as allowing for great shifts in my own perspective.

Rosalind Parker, Actress & Movement Director.