At  Art Thinking Lab, we believe that the principles and practices from visual art can be a powerful force to shift us from our often overly rational ways of thinking and open us up to a more intuitive, 'irrational' and lateral approach, that will afford new insights and perspectives into the big challenges of business. We deliver Art Thinking, Creativity and Leadership Masterclasses and coaching programmes to businesses and not-for-profit organisations, to help them to create, collaborate and communicate in more impactful and strategic ways.


The Art thinking lab is run by Perienne Christian, an internationally exhibiting artist, and workshop leader, who has studied the positive effects of creative thinking and doing, over the last ten years in her work as an artist, teacher and mentor. She delivers these bespoke Art Thinking Programmes together with her facilitation team of practicing artists, educators and creativity experts.

To find out more about our programmes and how we can help you and your team, please book a discovery call with Perienne HERE